About Us

We are first class researchers commercializing biomimetic membranes for gas capture and water filtration. Our current focus is bringing a low cost CO2 gas capture membrane to the fossil fuel exhaust market. Our membranes allow electricity generators to keep their reliable, low cost fossil fuel power plants, while obtaining income from their waste greenhouse gases.

R&D100 Gold Award Winner in Green Technology

Dr. Susan Rempe, flanked by other awardees from Sandia National Laboratories, accepts an R&D 100 Award and the Gold Award in Green Technology for the Memzyme technology. Photo: Gary Rempe.

Our Co-Founders

  • Susan Rempe

    Susan Rempe


    Senior Scientist at Sandia National Labs and Research Professor at University of New Mexico.

    Energy I-Corps entrepeneurial training graduate.

    Co-Winner of 2011 and 2015 R&D 100 Awards.

  • Ying Bing Jiang

    Ying Bing Jiang


    Research Scientist for Applied Materials and former Research Associate Professor at University of New Mexico.

    Expert in membrane synthesis and characterization.

    Co-Winner of 2011 and 2015 R&D 100 Awards.

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CO2 Capture Membrane

Featuring both high flux and high selectivity, our membrane is a low cost solution to capturing carbon dioxide from mixed gases.

Ultra-thin enzymatic liquid membrane for CO2 separation and capture

Carbon Capture Slide Deck